Simple Steps to Add Value to your Laundry Smartcard:

  1. click here to access online laundry portal using the 10 digit number from your blue Laundroworks card.
  2. click "subscriptions" add your name, phone number and email address (all optional).
  3. click "Purchase Value" to add value to your smart card.
  4. visit your laundry room and place your smart card in the miniVAC to complete the transfer.

Please click here to access the online laundry portal

Effective November 2, 2017 the Landlord will assume the operation of the laundry facilities.

NEW - Effective November 2, 2017
OLD - Expires October 30, 2017

One laundry smartcard per suite was deposited to your mailbox on October 25, 2017, please make note of the 10 digit number on the backside.

Replacement and additional cards are available from the office for $10 each.

Please click here to access the online laundry portal where you will request value using your VISA, MasterCard, Discover Card or American Express.  Once a request for value has been made online, simply present the laundry smartcard to the miniVAC in the laundry room to add the requested amount to the balance on the laundry card.

You will only be able to add the value in the laundry room in your building, but you will be able to use the laundry facilities in either building.

Tenants without a credit card can contact the office for help adding value to their Smartcard.  A $5.00 handling fee per transaction will be levied beginning in 2018.

The new system is web-based, so you can access it from home or mobile devices.  Some features are:

  • Card balance and printable purchase summary
  • Real-time washer and dryer availability
  • Usage trends designed to help predict laundry room activity
  • Ability to subscribe to receive text messages when laundry is ready
  • Ability to subscribe to receive e-mail receipts for all transactions

Residents that have a balance on their existing Coinamatic cards must mail their card to Coinamatic requesting a refund.
Please check the balance on the card before October 31st, 2017 in order to request the correct refund.  We cannot issue refunds for purchases made with Coinamatic.

Mail to:

L5R 3G3